Happy Halloween!!!

Are you scared yet?  It’s Halloween – the night of walking ghosts, misty chills, cackling pumpkins and blood-sucking bats.  I hope you have a safe and spooktacular celebration!

Halloween Ghouls Photo

Halloween Ghouls

For some terrifying delights, check out this patterns:

Crochet Candy Corn Creatures , Mochimochiland Tiny Fall Knits and Happy Crochet Pumpkin.


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Yub Nub Scoodie

I’m still in full Halloween mode and decided to whip up a quick costume piece before the big day!  Introducing my latest pattern, the Yub Nub Scoodie.  It’s part Ewok, part hoodie and part scarf all rolled into one.  I suppose if you’re “too mature for animal ears”, you could leave them off and just have a nice scoodie, but I shame you for your lack of imagination.  Okay, not really, but you have to admit, life with animal ears is more entertaining.

Ewok Hood Picture

The pattern is available for free PDF download via Ravelry here.

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Knitters’ Cootie Catchers

Continuing with swag items for my group’s knitiversary, I also made knitters’ cootie catchers.  Some people call these Chinese fortune tellers.  Either way, they’re a fun childhood toy and I have many fond memories of foretelling the identity of my future husband and various other events.  Let’s just say the results are still pending on the predictions.

cootie catcher photo

To download your very own knitter’s fortune teller, click fortune teller for a PDF.

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Knitiversary Keychains

It’s my knitting group’s 10th anniversary this year.  I can hardly believe we’ve been meeting weekly for so long.  If you don’t have a knitting circle, I highly recommend joining or starting one.  You’ll meet wonderfully interesting and diverse people, plus get help for those dropped stitches.  For our celebration party, I decided to assemble swag bags for everyone, including some keychains with a collage I made.  I think the image pretty much sums up our get-togethers – knit, purl, laugh – and not necessarily in that order.

keychain photo

knit collage image

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Disaster Lurks

It was an accident.  I didn’t notice her slip into the studio unannounced before I quietly shut the door before bedtime.
She spent the night.  With the paint brushes.  And the yarn.  And the various projects delicately strewn about.
The last time (there was only one time before), she spent her studio time triumphantly unraveling the baby sweater I was knitting for a gift.  Last time was a pink nightmare of tangled string, like a massive spider web, wrapped around every piece of furniture in the room.  This is why she’s not allowed in the studio unattended.

I awoke to a gentle meowing cry.  I thought it was coming from outside.  Groggily, like a horror story plot twist, I realized the call was from inside the house.  More specifically, THE STUDIO.  I took a deep breath before I opened the door.  I was afraid to open my eyes as she slipped past innocently strolling to the food dish in the kitchen.

I summoned bravery and looked.  No massive reorganization of all my fibers into a giant spaghetti replica.  No time shift into a torturous alternate universe of disaster.

Just a few items from my desk, arranged in a neat row on the floor – my ipod in it’s crocheted gnome cover, a coaster and two pieces from an amigurumi toast that I’ve never managed to sew together.

A warning, for the next time.

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Tiny Candy Corn

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  I love Halloween and mulled apple cider!  I love colorful trees and cool weather that is knitspirational!  Unfortunately, living in Texas, there’s a obvious lack of the seasonal pleasures.  We mostly have warm days and drought deadened plants.  This calls for an artificial simulation of  all things fall, like obsessively crocheting candy corns while watching horror movies and drinking pumpkin spice coffee.  Hey, I’ll take what autumn pleasures I can get.  Speaking of candy corns, here’s my modified version of Alica Kachmar’s safety cone pattern you can use to create these delightful candy friends:

Tiny Candy Corn Photo


Small amounts of worsted weight yarn in white, orange and yellow
3.5 mm hook
6 mm safety eyes
Black embroidery thread
Small amount of stuffing (or scrap yarn)
Embroidery and Yarn needles

With white yarn, magic loop, make 4 sc in loop
2sc, sc, 2sc, sc (6 sts)
2sc, sc, 2sc, sc, sc, sc (8 sts)
2sc, then sc around (9 sts)

Change to orange yarn
Sc around
2sc, sc, sc, 2sc, sc, sc, sc, 2sc, sc (12 sts)
Sc around
2sc, sc, sc, sc, 2sc, sc, sc, sc, 2sc, sc, sc, sc  (15sts)

Change to yellow yarn
Sc around
2sc, then sc around (16 sts)
Sc around

Insert eyes and embroider mouth

Continuing with yellow yarn
Through the back loops:  *sc, sc, dec, repeat from * around (12 sts)
Stuff candy corn
2sc in each st around (6sts)

Finish Off – Sew ends into amigurumi

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Tiny purrs…

Tiny purrs are the sound of quiet contentment and happiness – the sound my kitties make when curled up on my lap and the same feeling I have during moments of crafting.  Hi, I’m Kristen, an obsessive yarnie, art school veteran and cat lover.  I started this blog to share my creative escapades and I hope you’ll enjoy the journey.

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