It lives!!!!

I know what you’re thinking:  that I abandoned this blog or was abducted by aliens or won the lottery!  Nope!  Cliche, I know, but life just got busy for a bit.  A long bit, actually.  Some moments in the past year were heartbreaking.  I will always miss my late friend, David.  Other moments were happy, such as seeing my BFF get married.  Plus, there was a lot general mucking about and adventures with Mr. Tinypurrs.  We rescued kittens, saw the Dalai Lama, traveled and perfected our liquour making skills, amongst other things.   But the good news is I have loads of projects to share with you!  Maybe I can finally sit down and start writing about them all!  I’ll dust off my keyboard and give it a go.

Happy purrs,



July 24, 2015. Uncategorized.

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  1. Dianne replied:

    Welcome Back!!!~

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