Yub Nub Scoodie

I’m still in full Halloween mode and decided to whip up a quick costume piece before the big day!  Introducing my latest pattern, the Yub Nub Scoodie.  It’s part Ewok, part hoodie and part scarf all rolled into one.  I suppose if you’re “too mature for animal ears”, you could leave them off and just have a nice scoodie, but I shame you for your lack of imagination.  Okay, not really, but you have to admit, life with animal ears is more entertaining.

Ewok Hood Picture

The pattern is available for free PDF download via Ravelry here.


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  1. michelletiedje replied:

    Hello and thank you for this great pattern! I’m currently working on it as a surprise for one of my nephews. I’m fairly new to working with crochet patterns (being more of a “freestyler” normally, and would like to verify my understanding of some of the instructions if possible.

    I’m on Row 12 and it’s all looking great so far, really coming together nicely. Can you please explain what is mean by the instructions “[DC, DC, 2DCdec] five times”? I understand that, for row 12, I am to chain 3, turn the work, and double crochet 20 times, but do the instructions “[DC, DC, 2DCdec] five times” mean I should double crochet 2 more times, double crochet decrease twice and repeat five times?

    I apologize if this is a silly question. As I said, I’m new to following patterns and usually learn best by demonstration, but I’m excited to use this scoodie to break into pattern work. Thank you!

    • tinypurrs replied:

      Hi Michelle,

      Glad you like the pattern! Hmm, let’s see if I can explain my notes a little better. I’ve only written a few patterns, so I’m still learning how. And there’s certainly no such thing as a silly question! 😉

      The “2DCdec” part means to double crochet two stitches together, thus decreasing by 1 stitch. Some people abbreviate that as “dc2tog”, instead of “2DCdec”. Here’s a link to some instructions if you need help with decreasing: Double Crochet Decrease on Crochet Spot. “[DC, DC, 2DCdec] five times” means you should do two regular double crochet stitches and then do a decrease. You repeat that sequence in the brackets five times, over the next 20 stitches.

      And in case that still doesn’t make sense, another way to say “[DC, DC, 2DCdec] five times” all written out would be: DC, DC, decrease, DC, DC, decrease, DC, DC, decrease, DC, DC, decrease, DC, DC, decrease. And then you continue on with the rest of the row.

      I hope that helps and I haven’t confused you more!

      Happy New Year,

      • michelletiedje replied:

        Hello Kristen,
        I apologize for my belated reply. Yes, this helps immensely! Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to explain it to me. I still have a couple of evenings of work left on this, but it’s turning out great so far. Thank you again for sharing.

      • tinypurrs replied:

        Hi Michelle!

        I’m glad the extra notes helped!


      • Kristan replied:

        I had a issue with this as well..but now I got it and I should be able to finish it quickly..I have the scarf done and only need to do the ears and hood. thank you for asking this question :D)

      • tinypurrs replied:

        Thanks for telling me! I didn’t know anyone was having problems with the pattern download. It seems to work for some people and not others. 😦

  2. Kat Cappucci replied:

    I love this! would you make me one or sell it to me! I would really appreciate it 🙂

    • tinypurrs replied:

      Hi Kat,

      I can make and sell you one if you’d like. I’ll email you details.

      – Kristen

  3. Hellmuther replied:

    Thank you for posting this… My daughter-in-law saw this online and pinned it on Pinterest for me to make for my grandson (1.5 years old).

    I’ve been knitting for two years and just started crocheting. This was my first “big” project and I tweaked it to fit my grandson, so I thought I’d share the adjustments I made.

    I made it with a grey worsted weight (Loops and Threads Impeccable) and a 4.5mm hook… I chained 180 (183 for start) and stopped at 5 rows for the scarf instead of 7 (he’s just a little fella), picking up 60 hoodie stitches in the center (offset by 60 from each end instead of 40).

    I followed your directions for the hood (and I had to look up how to do a 2 DCdec as well!) and it turned out great. I made the ears using a Charcoal Print (Vanna’s) and Loops&Threads Deep Forest (Green) for the edging.

    I think the Deep Forest would make a good base color as well, with Grey for the ears. I can’t wait until they come down and he tries it on. I’ve sent them pictures and they love it!

    Thanks again… Keep up the great work!

  4. Vinícius replied:

    i tried to download the pattern in raverly… but it didnt worked… dont you have another link to download it? or cant u send me it by email?

    • tinypurrs replied:

      Oh, that’s so weird! Thanks for telling me – I didn’t know anyone was having problems with the ravelry download. My stats show downloads are happening regularly, so it must be working for some people and not others. I’ll email you a copy.

  5. Gail Reed replied:

    I really love this scoodie but I don’t crochet. Is there some way to turn it into a knitting pattern? I’m new to knitting also.

    • tinypurrs replied:

      It could definitely be made by knitting! 🙂 I haven’t written a knit pattern version but that’s a really good idea. I might try to write one now.

  6. Callie replied:

    Okay, I’m probably doing something really dumb… But I’m having trouble with the ears. I can’t get them to not curve into like… A watermelon shape instead of being flat along the bottom where you fold them? I’m endlessly frustrated and I can’t figure out how to fix that. If anyone else had this problem, I’d love some help. Haha

  7. Emily Marshall replied:

    I just made this pattern after Lion Brand yarn featured it on Facebook. Love it!! Thank you so much for the pattern!

  8. Jess replied:

    I just got 3 skeins of the Lion Brand pumpkin in worsted weight and I’m so psyched to get started on this! I’ve been working for everyone else for 2 months and since there’s no end in sight to this winter, I’ve got to make one for myself! It doesn’t hurt that our dog’s name is Wicket, either… 🙂 Thanks for the pattern!

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    […] of my personal favorites is this awesome Ewok Hat on Tiny Purrs! Adorable on a baby, a child, or even the grown-up Ewok in your […]

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