Knitters’ Cootie Catchers

Continuing with swag items for my group’s knitiversary, I also made knitters’ cootie catchers.  Some people call these Chinese fortune tellers.  Either way, they’re a fun childhood toy and I have many fond memories of foretelling the identity of my future husband and various other events.  Let’s just say the results are still pending on the predictions.

cootie catcher photo

To download your very own knitter’s fortune teller, click fortune teller for a PDF.


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Knitiversary Keychains

It’s my knitting group’s 10th anniversary this year.  I can hardly believe we’ve been meeting weekly for so long.  If you don’t have a knitting circle, I highly recommend joining or starting one.  You’ll meet wonderfully interesting and diverse people, plus get help for those dropped stitches.  For our celebration party, I decided to assemble swag bags for everyone, including some keychains with a collage I made.  I think the image pretty much sums up our get-togethers – knit, purl, laugh – and not necessarily in that order.

keychain photo

knit collage image

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