Happy New Year and a Cheese Ball!

Every year for the holidays, my Grandma Darleen would make this cheese “ball”  (she actually rolled it into a log shape, wrapped in wax paper and foil) and served it with Ritz crackers.  My family devoured the delight ravenously, as if we hadn’t already eaten her decadent turkey dinner with homemade pies for dessert.  I think that’s proof there is something really addictive about this recipe.  Maybe it’s the black olives?  (They’re my fav!)  In the holiday spirit of sharing good food with friends and family, I present to you my Grandma’s type-writer scribed recipe card:



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My First Craft Fair!

It’s official!  I’ve signed up for my very first craft fair!  It will be on Saturday, December 1, 2012, starting at 9:00 a.m. at the River Oaks Community Center at 5300 Blackstone Drive!  A couple of pals have agreed to join me so I don’t have to be responsible for creating an entire table’s worth of merchandise by myself.  Whew!

I’m super excited!!  In an effort to get ready, I’m challenging myself to make 30 items in 30 days.  It won’t be easy, but that’s the point of a challenge, right?  We’ll see if in 30 days I’ve lost my sanity instead.

Christmas Festival Flyer 2012

Christmas Festival Flyer

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