Breakfast Bunting

I’ve always wanted to make a bunting.  They’re festive and decorative.  And somehow, they always sneak into really lovely craft photos as a background prop.  So when my one of my online swap groups suggested a bunting trade, I jumped at the chance!  Being non-traditional, I decided on a yummy breakfast theme.  Here were the results:

breakfast bunting photo

Now if you’re wacky enough to follow me down the bacon paved road, here are the recipes I used to cook up this delicious buffet:

Egg & Toast

Both these patterns may be found in Twinkie Chan’s book, Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies . If you don’t already have this book, I highly recommend it. Its silliness is guaranteed to make you smile.


This a free pattern courtesy of NyanPon’s Blog and more specifically, Pancake Pattern.  The syrup is pure genius.  There’s an alternate egg pattern here also for those of you who haven’t met Twinkie.

Pop Tart

I used Rose Langlitz’s book Tasty Crochet as inspiration for this childhood favorite.


The croissant pattern is currently available as a free download on at this location Croissant Pattern.  Impress your friends with it’s perplexingly unidentifiable construction.   Until the last moment when you roll it up, the piece looks vaguely “gnomey”.


Okay, I made this one up.  It’s basically a long string of several single crochet rows made whatever length you want.  There’s one thin row of beige slip stitch just for variety’s sake.  Grab all your rusty red yarns and go nuts!


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