Tea, Earl Grey, Hot!

I’ve been running amok the last few months and have totally neglected my blog!  The good news is I’m bursting with loads of new crafty projects to share!

Uncertainly, I have entered the dark realm from whence I may never return, by which I mean sewing.  My yarn stash could already warrant its own zip code, so fabric is a very dangerous line to cross.  My Grandmother Mary tried unsuccessfully to teach me sewing as a child.  My dad encouraged me with the gift of a vintage sewing machine.  Still, the skill never truly stuck.  I can’t even sew a straight line.  But I have resolved to learn this year!

I needed a simple project to get me started and I found a wonderful tea wallet tutorial on Christy’s Creations blog.  It is certainly a beginner-proofed project and the instructions were so easy to follow!  Three fat quarters will make six of these pretty pocket-sized gifts.  Plus, they don’t just have to be for tea.  They also hold business cards, credit cards and even mini Moleskine notebooks.  Check out the lovely results:


Any suggestions for other beginner sewing projects?  Perhaps pillow cases?


July 25, 2013. Sewing.


  1. Amanda Felton replied:

    so cute! love it the material.

  2. Lori Schmelz replied:

    how about a nice bag to put your lovely wallet in? or a throw pillow? Yoga mat bag, water bottle holder or shopping bag made out of heavy canvas so you can bring home milk~ all good to cut your teeth on.

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