Scoodies and more

Check it out – my Yub Nub Scoodie pattern has been featured by the good folks at!

Ewok Hood Picture

Also, congrats to Cynthia who won this lovely felted moebius basket from the February giveaway!



April 1, 2013. Stories.


  1. B. T. Thompson replied:

    I just made one of the schoodies. Love it! Cutest thing ever!

  2. Maria replied:

    A girl on itagram is selling your beanie as her own original petter. You can find her at hookedonmickey. It’s suck how people take credit for someone else’s work.

    • tinypurrs replied:

      Thank you very much for the information. As long as she is selling the finished items and not my free pattern, I really do not mind. I appreciate your honesty and that you are looking out for designers. There are people who are not as nice as you and who have even tried to sell my free pattern which is NOT okay.

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